Let's cook

Let's cook

Sunday, August 22, 2010

I am so excited! 1st cooking class tonight

Tonight I am conducting my 1st cooking class. Rosie, Sarah, Amy and I are making chipotle wings as an appetizer.  For dinner we are making carmelized brussel sprouts, low fat cheesy potato casserole and grilled skirt steak with chimi churri.  I will post the recipes and pictures of the dinner this evening. I love the chimi churri so much that Jay and I use it on almost all meats including fish.  It is healthy, herby and leaves you smelling like garlic for days!  " Garlic is my perfume" ........Steph

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  1. Steph!
    This is SO COOL! I am totally going to follow your blog and try out some recipes! Can't wait for the caramelized brussel sprouts one, I am very curious!